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Tradition; Lost.

//I've washed my hands of that CLAN.//

10/27/07 05:49 pm - [05] Out of Her Mind

Dinner with 'the family' last Sunday didn't fare so well. (Mother dared to try and pull me in tonight.) The Bastard Fugaku, once again, tried to start a fight between us. It didn't happen. (Though he was screaming at the top of his lungs. I thought it was funny.) But I am getting tired of him saying SHIT about Sasuke. He needs to step up his role of a father instead of a fascist leaer.

Work is boring. The host club sucks. And I officially have narcolepsey and insomnia. What's new?

10/21/07 09:38 am - [05] Narcolepsy

I woke in front of Shisui's apartment door yesterday afternoon. I was just in the club. (Damn Friday nights and Saturday mornings to hell- why do I have to work full time?) It could have been due to my recent insomnia, I don't know.

Mother called again this morning. It's every Saturday morning, I honestly don't know why she keeps up with it. She's never missed one Saturday. She asked if I've seen Sasuke lately and I said he was doing well. (She doesn't ask it for herself- she sees him everyday.) She doesn't talk about him anymore. (I'd like to thank the academy-)

10/20/07 02:20 pm - [04] Rocket Launch Me Out Of Here

Last night did not bode well. I think after I came back to my apartment, I left. (It's not good to drink one's tips.) I hate sake.

I'll have to find red velvet (again) and make my own damn cape. All the costumes of vampires I can find look ridiculous. I'll have to dig up an old tux vest. I won't need the stupid make-up in said link. Uchiha traits, what can you expect?


Boring and for some reason, business isn't as good as it is any other day of the week. We get better business on Sundays.

10/19/07 10:13 pm - [04] Shoot Them.

It's Friday. Thank god, it's friday. We have 12 days to prepare.

(Great idea, Itachi. A vampire. How original.)

I don't want to go home back to my apartment tonight.

10/18/07 07:54 pm - [03] Shut Up and Eat

I am never working the host bar. Ever. Damn salerymen and their affairs with their wives. If they're going to have an affair,don't let it me with me. I swear, if I see my father there...

(Sasuke, how is our dear father doing? On his deathbed, I hope?)

10/17/07 03:44 pm - [02] Justice Is Incompetent

I'm going to have to dig up a new costume. (I've done the vampire last year, but it won't be original if I take the costume from last year.) Maybe I should have done the white rabbit costume? No, no, it would be too much trouble for my job.

Shisui, I assume I won't be seeing you drunk on my bar, correct?

10/16/07 03:42 pm - [01] Enter The Revolution and Keep Me Out

I'm not going. I hate this time of year. I'll hate it even more when they're all drunk and trying to talk to me about their ex-girlfriends' STD's. (Pein-sama won't accept my absence, though. I can't escape this.)

How many people from Club Oto will be attending? Konan, wasn't last year's Halloween Party a night of peace between Oto and us? (My memory must be slipping.) And, by the way, is Pein-sama back?
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