Tradition; Lost.

//I've washed my hands of that CLAN.//

9 June 1986
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Uchiha Itachi =|= Sane

Name: TangoOFDOOM
Age: 14
Gender: Female
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Character: Uchiha Itachi
Age: 22
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Hight: for fanfiction purposes, 6''
Weight: ...
PB Model: Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN (back from when he had black hair)

Occupation: Bartender
Special Traits: Red eyes (family secret), really good with a gun, sexyness to attract both genders
Sexual Orrientation: HE'S GAY!


Itachi is a private individual. He responds only to those, both unacquainted and known, when spoken to and rarely talks outside of what is necessary. He is efficient and therefore does not give out information not needed to carry on with people's daily lives. In his eyes, time is everything. Though Itachi is not obsessed with time, it is of meaning to him. Waste his time and you’ll be meeting face-to-face with a not-to-terribly-perky Itachi. (Annoyance is his bane- is his weakness.)

Itachi values those of a common rank and spectrum of his placement. He knows he’s human and so he constantly tries to prove it though competition. Of course, the contestants are never his peers and are always the masters of strategy and cleverness. The Uchihas have long since been out of his competition, save for Shisui, and therefore he has cast them aside. Though he isn’t out for adrenalin run on power, he likes to associate himself with people of his equivalent skill sets, hence Akatsuki.

He joined Club Akatsuki shortly after his 18th birthday after he stormed out of the Uchiha house. (Fugaku almost forced Itachi to sign the papers to take over the family company. Itachi snapped his wrist and left the house.) He worked and still works as the bartender, having no specialty in mind and he says he isn’t very good at it, but then again, why would Club Akatsuki be so successful? (He’ll take the credit where credit is due and some says that arrogant while Itachi says it’s truth.)

All in all, there are times when Itachi won’t seem like he does on a regular basis: cold, distant, and anti-social. Those times are when the rain comes and when Shisui would put his hands up to Itachi’s ears to let him listen to the rumbling sounds of muscle movement. This is why Itachi values his time; because there is silence imbedded within his own time and that is what Itachi truly loves.

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